mardi 15 mai 2012

About blogging

There is something I should probably say right away- I will not blog daily.
I subscribed to a lot of beautiful blogs and I receive their posts in my inbox, and I like to sit down on the sofa after dinner next to my man, with my ipod, looking through all the beautiful pictures and going through all the great posts while he watches his tv series (if there isn't some romantic easy movie or a commedy or a light show on).

I used to browse through real paper magazines before, but since I discovered all this blogging stuff I find it much more interesting, personal(meaning easier to relate to) and the pics so much more beautiful. And I received the ipod for Christmas so I can :)

Blogs are awesome (some) and blogging is cool. I mean, I started blogging because I found a whole new community out there, of like minded women, with similar interests and lives. I found it motivates me, gives me inspiration and courage to go about my doings. At times I feel not so alone, as I do, at times, being away from friends. Then once I started it, I realized I have to post regularly! Well yeeeaaa. I realize some of the bloggers put huge amounts of hours into coming up with the beautiful posts!  And I realized I should set apart a certain amount of time in my schedule to dedicate to posting. It is so much easier to receive the posts in the email, look around and read when and if you have time, save the pics that interest you etc...

So I decided I will blog ...on Sundays, even if today is Tuesday. :).
I thouoght I will keep it real, but leave out all the not so cool stuff, because I want it to be a cool pozitive blog. We need to focus on the pozitive aspects in life and live every day as we get it and appreciate everything as much as we can. I like to smell the roses, sometimes too much (like - now I should be working). That doesn't mean life is always en rose. Not every day we live feelings of happy, not everytime we know to do away with what we have, not often we manage to be thankful. Often life is always better on the other side. Well, not necessarily true.
This - blogging - is an attempt towards the pozitive. For some, for me. When I fight with my man I will not blog about it because one- who cares, and two-that will not make me feel better. I will come here to escape and get happy and forget about it and be able to move on.

The new blogging 'trend' right now is called "Things I am afraid to tell you". It is actually a disclaimer to the blog concept. It is true that some of the blogs take you in a land of design and travel and comfort and perfection and wealth and all we could all dream of. The lives we imagine while going through these blogs are like those we can only wish we would even see up close one day. Which of course, is not the truth behind the blogger. The true reason blogging exists is to find comfort away from the real life, there in the virtual life. It is nice to speak about nice things, and look at nice things, and relax and dream and enjoy the company of like minded people. Who needs more stress and more bad news and more negativity. We already get all that on TV. So we create a world of nice and why not?

The things I am faraid to tell you series (I copied the link from the blog The Zhush, who is participating among many others you will see featured on their page) goes through the underlayers of the Lalaland life into the real life of bloggers, who are real people of course, and who have real lives of course, and as you all know real lives imply issues...real or imaginary, but issues. It is probably one of those things where you create another life for yourself, from scratch if you wish, and you live it in a blog, within an online community. You get to either talk about all your daily chores, issues, meals, diapers and what not, or escape to another dimension where everything is so much nicer, so much cooler and brighter and you feel so much better. In the end, is it ok? Who knows and who cares. One thing is sure: you are never alone and there will always be someone who is like minded and who will be there just as you are. Which IS ok.

So from my last trip, some moments I caught on camera, where I felt the life's little, everyday's nothings, are just so pretty.

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