lundi 12 mai 2014

Win a signed copy of the My Paris Story book!

Hi everyone!
So after the launch and all the excitement I really have to get back to business...
And here is my progress! Win a signed book copy ( here it is again, :)))), just tell me what you think about my new clothing line below and sign up to receive my posts by email, and why not tell a friend to do the same! Just comment and mention 'My Paris Story'. Thank you!

It is Spring-Summer 2014, although the weather her is not very close to either here..windy and rainy and rather cold. Just make a comment telling me your opinion and and then email me with your address so I can send you the book. Thank you! 

And the little girl's matchy version of course,

And the minny version :) 

There are more, but that should do what do you think? Prices range between 100-200€, all made in France, some are silk fabrics and satin bias binding interior finishings, like this: 

jeudi 8 mai 2014

My Paris Story, living, loving and leaping without a net in the city of light - the book

Dear world!

Remember how I started bragging about this book I was co-writing along with 21 other international women? Well that book, My Paris Story, hit best-seller status yesterday on Amazon!!! This is so surreal, I honestly never thought it could happen! This is the book where we open up as women and share about how we came to be, and meet in Paris. It has been such an amazing journey, and to think I wasn't going to do it in the first place!

Here is the website:

Even I still discover so many beautiful insights in this book after re-reading it...I started yesterday ( I am a bit old fashioned you know, I like reading paper books) and am yet to finish it like a real book....

Here are some pics of our launch in Paris yesterday :)

These are all my dresses btw, so thankfull! 

mardi 25 mars 2014

My Paris Story the book!

I tried to show you a pic of our book cover and I think I failed, so here it is!!!!
This is really exciting you one of the other 22 co-writers said "I am officially a published author"! Book to be available on amazon around May 6th. Or contact me :)

It is about women of the world finding themselves in Paris. 

You know, finding your self and yourself, one step at a journey...part biography part inspiration part motivation part great read. 
We come from everywhere in the world. We all have our roots and our trunk that's been moved along and our leaves we change with the seasons...our life story. It just so happens it was a Paris story this time. For me, it is all about getting to accepting and appreciating and loving yourself, step by step. Even if no one else does. God does love you.

jeudi 27 février 2014

Hellooooo world...

It's been a while since I took the decision not to blog anymore...too time consuming and not enough time on hand for everything on the agenda. Well, I am glad I did not completely dissapear.
So here I come again. I and the year 2014! Well, yeah ok it started almost 4 months ago but it still feels like yesterday ....

I have told you before I was working on a clothing line...well, that's been taking up all my time, energy and money. Down to zero, negative, minus, red in bank, below etc. And going sooooo slow. But going! I have had to change some settings in my brain regarding this project. I had a huge vision, well, still do. But realized I have to take it slow and start small. Like really slow and really small. I have a deadline set for the first week of April for the site launch. And even though I still don't feel ready I can't wait to see it come alive!

Also (is this for real?!!!), in the meanwhile I have contributed to a book called "My Paris Story, living, loving and leaping without a net in the city of love". The book will be out in April, hence my "rushed" deadline. Will tell you about it shortly. It all started out soon after I have joined a group of amazing women living here in France but all coming from elswhere, like myself. I think it was one of the best things that happened in 2013. Meeting these women I mean.  22 of us got together on this first book project. And so many projects in sight :) and here is the cover !

A short glimpse of my studio...please don't mind the mess. My space is really becoming too small.


I will be showing you more stuff...very very soon.
To tell you the whole story, I find it a pain to blog on my Ipod. It's been also part of my absence. Can't figure out the whole thing about posting pics and using special characters and stuff like that...and my  laptop is dead. So I will be posting as I can, on this...tablet thing. Bear with me.

See ya soon :)