lundi 12 mai 2014

Win a signed copy of the My Paris Story book!

Hi everyone!
So after the launch and all the excitement I really have to get back to business...
And here is my progress! Win a signed book copy ( here it is again, :)))), just tell me what you think about my new clothing line below and sign up to receive my posts by email, and why not tell a friend to do the same! Just comment and mention 'My Paris Story'. Thank you!

It is Spring-Summer 2014, although the weather her is not very close to either here..windy and rainy and rather cold. Just make a comment telling me your opinion and and then email me with your address so I can send you the book. Thank you! 

And the little girl's matchy version of course,

And the minny version :) 

There are more, but that should do what do you think? Prices range between 100-200€, all made in France, some are silk fabrics and satin bias binding interior finishings, like this: 

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