jeudi 8 mai 2014

My Paris Story, living, loving and leaping without a net in the city of light - the book

Dear world!

Remember how I started bragging about this book I was co-writing along with 21 other international women? Well that book, My Paris Story, hit best-seller status yesterday on Amazon!!! This is so surreal, I honestly never thought it could happen! This is the book where we open up as women and share about how we came to be, and meet in Paris. It has been such an amazing journey, and to think I wasn't going to do it in the first place!

Here is the website:

Even I still discover so many beautiful insights in this book after re-reading it...I started yesterday ( I am a bit old fashioned you know, I like reading paper books) and am yet to finish it like a real book....

Here are some pics of our launch in Paris yesterday :)

These are all my dresses btw, so thankfull! 

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