mardi 25 mars 2014

My Paris Story the book!

I tried to show you a pic of our book cover and I think I failed, so here it is!!!!
This is really exciting you one of the other 22 co-writers said "I am officially a published author"! Book to be available on amazon around May 6th. Or contact me :)

It is about women of the world finding themselves in Paris. 

You know, finding your self and yourself, one step at a journey...part biography part inspiration part motivation part great read. 
We come from everywhere in the world. We all have our roots and our trunk that's been moved along and our leaves we change with the seasons...our life story. It just so happens it was a Paris story this time. For me, it is all about getting to accepting and appreciating and loving yourself, step by step. Even if no one else does. God does love you.

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