dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Big Fish

The sale season is officially here in France. I had the "inspiration" to go to Zara on the first day the sales kicked in. I don't know what I was thinking because I know from personal experience Zara changes into a jungle during the sales, but thought maybe, on the first day, a miracle will slow down the tradition... yeap, not exactly. And I don't really need anything to be honest. And then of course I bought stuff I now have to return because some reason or another. But once you're in there you can't help but think that everything will dissapear so you just buy and think later. Isn't this return policy just the most wonderful thing invented since electricity or something. And doesn't this consumption society turn us into puppets sometimes.

Today at church they were requesting help for a family that has just lost its head- the husband/father has died leaving behind a rather helpless mom with kids. Cancer. He had not been working for a year prior to the end due to the medical condition so all their resources evaporated. Couldn't help but think - what on earth would I do with all my ...can't even remember how many - pairs of shoes I got.

If I was to go tomorrow. I was thinking about this last week while watching this movie called Big Fish. About a guy who during his whole life had and made an impact on other people's lives. His own son would not believe the stories of how he touched all these people he had encountered throughout the journey, but at his funeral they kept flowing in like flocks and remembering him for acts and facts with smiles on their faces.

A'lesson' from a motivational course I followed some years back was this: write your own eulogy. What would you like to have read about you at your funeral.

Imagine you go tomorrow. What was the impact you had on those, at least those, close to you. On those you met at a point or another in your childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, career, neighborhood, happy times, sad times, hard times etc etc etc. It is said that all those we meet were sent to meet us or to be met for a reason. Whether so they can impact us or so that we can impact them. It is said you should never forget someone intentionally. It is also said that people change and that people never change.
Little does it matter. One sure fact is we all go. One day we will all leave this life.
(Getting to my eulogy here).

What do you want to be remembered for?

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