mardi 22 janvier 2013

Paris cool. And continuing 2013

Hi there.
Following up on the series for 2013, a few more "to do's".

2. Spend more time in Paris. Easy, huh? Just look at the amazing short video on Paris neighborhoods from the blog:

 And the short detailing that goes with it:
The awesome thing this video does is magically capture the personality of Paris neighborhoods through typography and simple, yet highly effective illustrations and animations – all in black and white. They’re spot on with their choices. If you listen closely, you’ll hear how the sound plays off the word and image to strengthen the concept. A must see, and it only becomes stronger as you notice new details each time you watch.

Every second Friday I will be in PARIS! Can't wait for the nice weather, the strolls are so pretty under nice weather. Taking awesome pics for you. Try one new dessert each time until I will have tasted the entire French cake selection (for me...although I will share them with you too :). Visiting every new collection coming at the Museum of Decorative Arts - Le Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Getting inspired, broadening my brain.Ahem.
Write more. I want to have a record of the life passing by. Because it just goes so fast.

3. Once the work-job-carrer part is done with (still working on those few points one should have had in place already at this age), planning on making those girlfriend vacations/trips once a year, somewhere over the rainbow. To think that a long time ago I could not understand those women who would 'leave behind' their families to vacation by themselves with other women!!! It's the best thing a girl can do! So looking forward to that but need a bit more time. Time for business to move so I can afford it. So, next step is

4. Starting up that boutique I have dreamed of since I was a teenager. Is it the right time yet? Ah, there will always be people thinking both ways but it's now or never. So getting ready for the launch in May. Until then, well, can't plan on winning the lottery so I'll have to get down to work the real way. Almost forgot what that felt like since I came to France...

5. Be niceR. Would like to be able to control my emotions better. To stay calm in every situation. To be nice and smile to people. We all know it's contagious yet it is hard to smile at someone who just grins at you with that look thinking 'what the f do you want asking questions about this product when you know I have no clue and don't give a crap'. That kind of nice.

The teacher at my little one's school is....special. She hears me talk to my girl in English although every one around us goes, logically, in French. She never says Hello or Goodbye to me (ok, Bonjour or Au revoir). She never looks at me unless I am positioning myself right under her nose dreading to ask her anything, like - "how is she doing, was everything ok?" What I get is "yea, yea, she's fine, running everywhere and bothering all the other kids".Yeap, great. And that with her looking over my shoulder into the courtyard as if she was searching something.
So besides the fact that it's the teacher's last year before retirement and the fact that I have no choice other than taking the little one out of school, meaning isolating her which is not an option, I am patiently waiting for this second semester to end. I want to be nicer than I am when my natural instinct would just make me burst out and tell her how how how...I really feel.

6. Read more! Or just read...? Ever since I have this notebook tablet I spend huge amounts of time on the net, on Pinterest, on what not. It is addictive. I know I am not alone here, but I start forgetting words! I try to make up stories for my girl and they come out so...blah, language wise. Yet ironically I keep on buying books.

7. Give more. Give more attention, compassion, smiles, heart. Give more love. Give.

That should be enough I think...
Have a great one everyone.

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