jeudi 28 mars 2013

Easter egg hunt at the chateau

Usually the Easter Sunday, this year a week in advance, the egg hunt is organized every year at the
Chateau de Gillevoisin. A beautiful castle in the countryside, one hour from Paris, where during the week there functions a school for teenagers and children with disabilities, a restaurant open for lunch and a farm.

Regardless of the weather the children always have a blast. There is restauration on premises, meaning some type of food - sandwiches, grilled sausages, crepes, popcorn and drinks; there are poney and donkey rides, minigolf and lots of games set up for the little ones. And of course, the egg hunt where you search for plastic eggs to fill a basket which you exchange, once full, for a bag of candy!
PS -We loved that one. The petite princesse won the bag and we, the terrible grownups ate almost all of it....

Here are some pics:

I LOVE sheep.

Donkey, enough said.
Some huge rabbits. There were also hamsters, cobais, parroquees and other birds, and turtles!

Happy Easter for those celebrating now. 
We are waiting for the Orthodox one in one month. We'll be going to RO for that one so I'll post on a slightly different tradition soon.

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