mardi 26 mars 2013

Winter resort in Swiss, Gstaad

So we've been skiing! How exciting does that sound, I skied for the third time in my life.
I never took classes, nor had a professional teach me. I did however have some great friends (mersi Bugarschi!) when I was a teenager and our first ski trip was at Straja (Romania), back when this was not a really touristically developeded resort - so fresh and wild and amazing. We fell, and got up, and got our heads kicked by the pulling wheel, and eventually got to ski through the small forest at the bottom of our cottage. Such amazing times....

Next was Colorado in th US and now Swiss - Egly, Wispile, Gstaad (skiing resorts).
We didn't stay in Gstaad, but at the wonderful challet of our relatives in a nearby resort.

Here we are in the streets of Gstaad, music everywhere, food and sun and ... an expensive resort, nice nonetheless.

 Music everywhere

 Cheese making, the famous Swiss cheese, not bad :)

 Bell making! Never saw this before, they are actually made out of dirt!

 Beautiful chalets, all wooden cottages, nicely decorated some with quotes, lines, some painted and ornated
And people watching....
 Dog watching...check the one in the bag
 Musical horns! these are actual instruments. They even played in the street, it was quite cool.
Think Swiss mountains, countryside and cattle...
 Of course, carriages,
 And rabbits why not,
 And the snow! All is beautiful when the sun is shining, and it was :)

 More rabbits there below
 A restaurant up on the mountain, we climbed with the cabin and had lunch, awesome setting:

 My view from the telecabin going up

 And we went on a carriage ride too! Beautiful mountain scenery, a pair of beautiful horses and beautiful people who made our trip such a delight :)

Winter is almost over here back in France. Still chilly, but the trees have started to bloom. 
We are waiting for the sun  :)

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