lundi 11 juin 2012

Rain, brocantes and weekend village 'events'

So here is the second week of June already, just unbelievable. Time flies and flies fast. In a few days we'll have the longest day of the year and the reversed countdown will start: a few months till the year's end. Ok, not that fast but just wondering when did we get here. The weather sucks, rain and wind and more of it. France, Ireland, what's the difference. So still waiting for summer...

Anyway, imagine coming home even if it's raining daily!

(forgot which blog I took it off of, please claim it if it is your's, I will gladly mention you! Most likely one of the wonderful blogs on my read list :)

My brocante outings

Two weekends ago I did the 'brocantes", the flea markets here where the French sell and resell their stuff. I, and a lot others, call it treasure hunting. Here is what I found :)
 A beautiful miror I intend for a bathroom or restroom, a frame, a knob (we need this for the last knobless door in the house), curtain holding ...things...a new scraf in my favorite color,
 knife holders  shaped like dogs and cats and an ice storing device, the cool silver apple there.

A week ago I found a little bike for my girl and a stroller, since the wonderful Wizzair reps didn't let us bring the stroller back after our trip to Ro. We went away with it and came back without, so found one for 5 euros! I was thrilled. And then this past Sunday I found just a few books for la petite princesse. Can't come out of a brocante without a book for la petite princesse.
And next week I plan on 2 more brocantes! They are throughout the villages here, pretty much all summer long. LOVE them.

Weekends in French villages

And then the past weekend there was an amazing concert right next to our village, I say amazing because the band was playing serbian influenced reminded me of old days and a different life. Weird to go back in time, at this time...

 After the band there was an awesome play on this art nouveau stage. Since we don't go out much, I really enjoyed this Saturday. Food, concert and theater, all in the park - awesome.

A day later, while I was visiting a house my French man and la petite princesse were visiting the wonderful park of the Chateau de Chamarande.

 There are often exhibits in this park and this time the theme was interior furnishings on an oversized scale- chairs, carpets, pots

 and the church where we got married... at the other side of the castle wall.

I ordered Merci cards today. I translated my favorite quote I had on all my cards in Chicago-

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves

in French, although it may sound a bit 'bizzare"-

Si nous prenons soin des instants, les annees prendront soin d'elles memes.

You will see it next time :)
Have a great great week!

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