jeudi 21 juin 2012

So this was supposed to be my Sunday post I never completed...

Sunday! I am on the schedule with posting for the first time :)
I have to start with today`s brocante, look what I found this morning. It was a big one and once you fill your hands it is difficult to keep on going, I quit after 2 hours.

 A set of bird pics I will eventually change..I need the frames.
Another blue plate to add to my collection AND... starting a  new collection of plates :) like
these ancient, worked, beautiful colorful pieces. 
 2 lampshades for bed light fixtures I got a while back, and a metal bird!
And of course a book for my girl.

Anyway, to continue,

In the garden today:
Lapetite princesse- mamo, c'est quoi ca?
Me- it's a bee my love, you know bees come to flowers and you see, there is a yellow part inside called polen; they take that and go back to their house and make honey with it. Honey is sweet, like sugar, only better, you had honey in your cereal this morning, remember? (cereal=honey nut cheerios, the regular cheerios don't exist in france, they are obsessed with sweet and chocolaty cereal here)
LPP- Mamo, where is cat?...

The same happens with the bed time reading ritual:
LPP- Mamo, read read!
Me- Ok, Martine went to her uncle Gilles to learn how to ride a horse...
LPP- Elle est ou Camille? Maica deda aaaaaaaaaaa.....coala?
(Camille being a girl from another book, Maica and Deda are the grandparents and coala is her dear teddy bear mommy forgot in Romania...)

We went to Paris on Monday, to the "big park" inside Jardin de Luxembourg, but the most interesting thing was the train. Ooooooooo, train, train mamo! Yeap, we got there at 3 pm and left at 8 pm only to get home close to 12 am due to "an accident at 5:30 pm"! The wonderful train ...

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  1. Hey there! I am the newest member of Team Garden for the IRLO Mash Up! Just stopping by to say hi!

  2. Hi Ashley! So sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I just saw your message now!! Hi to you too, how's the mashup coming up? I need to keep more connected....
    thanks for reading me!


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