jeudi 28 juin 2012

What would you pass on to your daughter, if you have or should you have one?

So here is Thursday, well in about 15 minutes that is. My frog charming is watching a football game. A Football Game! Not sure what is happening here since we never watch sports, but I'll take the time to write.

Even if I do not want to make this a regular, writing about personal stuff, my girl, lately I often keep finding myself pondering over instances in my life as a mother, clips I am telling myself I have to engrave in my memory and remember forever since they are flying by so fast...
While talking with a friend who has a newborn a few days ago I was thinking - I don't even remember when I stopped breastfeeding, when exactly did she start walking, when did she not need a diaper anymore, when did this all happen AND had time to diassapear already??

I am not taking as many photos as I used to, things seem so much more...normal, even if I am wondering daily in amazement at how beautiful her feet are, or the fingers, or the eyes or every little tiny part for that matter. Because they are still little. At the same time I see her getting bigger. This must be normal for a mom at my age I suppose? And I've been telling myself these are things I need to write down, to record, maybe not necessarily here, but just preserve somewhere, because, I will not remember them all... 
And I want to create traditions for us - like going every Saturday morning for croissants at the boulangerie, or going every month to Paris for a small concert, or theater, or a walk to Sacre Coeur, the beautiful big church in Montmartre. Or taking a portrait pic once a year, like americans do, you know the professional photos which you frame. Or or or I need a list! Ideas out there? :)

The 'wisdom' transmitted :)

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