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Shop small and original

I Pledge to Shop Small

When holiday shopping this year, I’m choosing to make an important investment in the community.
From brilliantly crafted products to genuine, personal service, my experiences at my favorite small businesses leave me in continual awe. Add some of the most inspiring business owners I’ve encountered (virtually and otherwise), and my decision is firm:
I pledge to exclusively shop small, local businesses through the new year.
And I invite you to join me in this pledge. If you’re with me, join the conversation by spotlighting your faves on social media. Check into your favorite small businesses on Facebook and upload your favorite small biz products on Pinterest.
Have a favorite you’d like to share? Comment below so I can promote and follow them, too!
The above was part of a post from Radiant Republic, here
This is one of my new year's resolutions : shop small artists and businesses. Not necessarily local, because on the web we are all local in my opinion :)
I get melancholic thinking about the times when there were small artisan shops everywhere and everyone had his own skilled trade everyone else attended to. Like a shoe repair shop, a small library, a watch repair shop - we have one in our village trying to survive, a couture boutique where women would go have their wardrobe made, a small gift shop where one would find genuine and sturdy, well crafted toys, and so on... I still get those Christmas cards with picturesque images of idyllic villages (endangered species as well) where all is decorated, kids run around in the snow, and the numerous small boutiques welcome their loyal customers. It's a fairytale.
Some suburbs still have all that.  And now with all this internet virtual world, everyone can!
There are so many artists offering such great varieties of unique and original pieces that more and more people are finding the originality preferable to the big chain China made objects. I started dreading buying an item from the supermarket thinking that the preson I will offer it to will recognize the place I bought it from, the price, that he or she will interpret it in whichever way other than positive (is it too expensive and then they will feel obliged to spend more than they intended, too cheap and then I would feel bad if I got something better, or maybe they already have it and they will have to return it etc etc.)
Turn to small artists and your worries are over. What are the chances someone already has the same article! And you look good giving something unique you put some effort into finding.
  Beautiful Hello has a great list of artists with promotions and discounts, here:

Handmade Black Friday Gift Guide

November 23, 2012

Happy Handmade Black Friday! This is the very best time to find amazing deals on all your Christmas Gifts. But, really, who wants to stand in line for hours, hunting for mass-produced products…? Ummm, not me.
Let’s shake things up this holiday. Let’s find amazingly design gifts from small business, independent artisans, who are passionate about creating. Your gifts will not only light up faces, but make a meaningful difference in your community and in the lives of passionate designers and artists.
Follow the links below to find some amazing handmade Black-Friday deals! Many of these shops are offering deals through Monday.
Merry Christmas and happy shopping!
Art + Design
1. Bailey Doesn’t Bark: 50% off everything (prices already reduced) and Free shipping
+ a print towel on orders of $100+ (code: 100SHIP)
2. EyePoetryPhotography: prices already reduced through Monday
3. Stellavie Design Manufaktur: 20% off the Northern Sky Map I
and Southern Sky Map II silk screen prints
4. Christie Scibior: Free Shipping on Black Friday! “FREESHIPBF”
5. Emily Jeffords Studio 25% off all artwork “HandmadeHoliday” Friday-Tuesday
6. ohchalet: 10% off with “GOBBLE”
7. TheHauntedHollowTree: All prints 25% off (prices already reduced) Friday-Monday
9. RiverLuna: free domestic shipping Friday-Monday
10. staceyreesart 50% off any purchase
For Her
11. HOMAKO 20% off “KUROKIN“ Monday only
12. StacysBowEnvy: 20% off “BLACKFRIBOWS”
13. Amanda Archer: 50% off Sample dresses (discount already taken off price)
14. skrynka 10% off: “BLACKFRIDAY” and “CYBERMONDAY”

15. Emily Jeffords Studio 25% off all necklaces “HandmadeHoliday” Friday-Tuesday
16. Brown Sugar Toast: “BeautifulHello” for 20% off any order.
17. Lily Pottery 15% off “BLACKFRIDAY”
18. An Astrid Endeavor: 10% off “EARLYHOLIDAYDEAL “ Friday-Monday
19. Schalrausch: “DAILY10″ for 10% off storewide
20. Flowers From Fatima: 40% off + free shipping and a FREE gift with $35 purchase “BLACKFRIDAY”
21. LeeAnalyze: jewelry 15% off “TGIBF12”
22. ZENfulworld: Bath + Cosmetics Friday: 20% Off “BLACKFRIDAY” 5AM-10AM | Monday: 20% off “CYBERMONDAY” 6AM-9PM
23. Trèsors De Luxe Savings of up to 85% off retail! Now through December 31st! FREE silky jewelry bag with purchase, so you can gift with ease!
24. Change of hART Free shipping (US) for all ready to ship items with ”FREESHIPDAY” or 10% OFF all ready to ship items (except gift certificates) for international buyers with “HANDMADE10”
25. SGerthDesigns: 10% off “2012BLACKCYBER10”
For Him
26. Ugmonk: 20% off store wide Friday-Monday
27. 877 Design 10% off store wide
28. Shockjoy: “SHOCKJOY23” for 15% off entire purchase
29. ReComputing: 15% off “BLACKFRIDAY” or “CYBERMONDAY”
Home + Event Décor
30. Cranny Found Favorites“BEAUTIFULHELLO”15% off
31. Royal Buffet Free shipping and Free butterfly gift tags for all domestic purchases code: “HOHOHO”
32. Pearles Painting 25% off “BLACKFRIDAY25” Friday-Monday
33. Winterland California 10% off “BLACKFRIDAY10” Friday-Monday
34. oleanderandpalm 10% off “blackfriday10”
35. littlenestbox Free shipping “SHIPSHIPHOORAY”
36. Miss Prissy Paige:“SMALLBUSINESS” – 10% off
37. Company Forty Two 15% off BLACKFRIDAY15
38. Bailey Doesn’t Bark 50% off (prices will show discount, no coupon necessary) and Free shipping + a print towel on orders of $100+ (code: 100SHIP)
For the Kids:
39. Clippie Dips: 10% off entire purchase, plus get a free item of my choosing when you spend $10.
Sale runs 19th-26th. Code: TURKEYDAY
40. Cranny Found Favorites“BEAUTIFULHELLO”15% off
41. StacysBowEnvy: 20% off “BLACKFRIBOWS”

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