jeudi 21 février 2013

Photo shoot competition

I so hope to win this competition I'll tell you about below like I have seldom dreamt of winning anything before. A professional photo shoot! (Enter to win too:)

And let me tell you that I dread all physical "improvements" aka: hairdos, makeup dos, manicure pedicure dos. Now I looooove to have great hair and make up and nails, but, somehow everytime I go to have any of these done it ends blah. In dissapointment. So I have always done it myself (that is not to say I always look good. ahem.)
I go to the hair saloon to come home and wash my hair. On the day before my wedding I went to get a pedicure and I repainted my nails once I got home. My friends convinced me to get a hair pro to come over and do my hair on my wedding day, well she did and because she did I almost cried. And was late because I had to undo everything she did and did not have time to redo so....terrible hair on my big day. Well, won't continue with that because a lot of other things were terrible on that day. Including me. This year I thought I would try a professional photoshoot (one I could afford) to immortalize me and my daughter. It went ok. But not how I'd hoped it would.

Somehow this lady has got to me; putting my hopes in Carla Coulson from
Carla Loves Photography
below.  Big hopes....just look at her "before and after' page and you'll understand.


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