dimanche 24 février 2013

'Weekend Graces'

I have just recently come across this really sweet blog called
I do want to share, and I do want to mark it so I won't forget some of the really nice advices she gives, like the ones below. Sometimes we are so caught up in the daily routine and little things that bother us at the person we live with, sometimes maybe we just had an argument or just don't really feel like caring. Yet it is so important to just get over ourselves and make an effort for the sake of our relationship, for our own sake. I read this before the weekend and I still did not do it. I did think of it the morning of, and felt guilty. I could have. I should have. No excuses for the next one though :)
I will be sharing an idea or tip or inspiration; a small act of love, service or hospitality to bless the people we live with this weekend.  Because it's the small gestures that convey our love more than our words ever could, isn't it?

"This week's Weekend Grace is to make breakfast slightly special on Saturday morning.
Here are some easy ways that you could do that:
  • Make a family favourite that you haven't had in a while.
  • Make familiar things in a fun new shape, such as smiley face blueberry pancakes or heart shaped french toast.
  • Leave a love note and coffee for your spouse if you have to rush out in the early morning.
  • Dress the table with fresh flowers, a favourite table runner, or your best dishes.
  • Serve what you normally would except with an extra special addition like fresh fruit, whipped cream, or bacon.

Keep it simple. You don't need to make a feast; just do one little thing to make breakfast a celebration."
And the other tip this wonderful lady posted (speaking about her husband; we use electrical brushes and it takes a while before they need exchanging...will have to find something else that works here :)
"This week's Weekend Grace is to surprise your loved ones with something ordinary that they need; new socks, a toothbrush, their favourite shampoo.

My husband,who is a very practical sort of romantic, always seems to notice when my toothbrush needs replacing and brings me a new one. A pink one, with medium bristles, just the way I like it. And that simple act speaks volumes of love. Because he knows me. And he loves me. And he sees my needs, often before I do.

Let's anticipate our loved ones needs this weekend and get them something they are going to need anyways before they even ask. It's a simple way to show our love. And that's what Weekend Graces is all about!"

Happy Weekend :)


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