jeudi 20 juin 2013


Hello there!
Ah, it's been quite a while...and quite a bit has happened around here. 
I had finished my English teaching classes back at the end of May and right away to Romania for Easter! And my birthday at the same time:) The petite princesse enjoyed it, my parents live in the appartment I grew up in, surrounded by other appartment buildings and parks and lots and lots of kids! You get down a flight of stairs and bum, you're in kiddos' land. The city is not big so you can even walk everywhere and the world there is almost paradoxical: people are stressed because of the job situation yet at the same time they don't look like they give a d..n; the streets are full, they fill the terrasses, they chat, they live. I am bummed not to have the pics but I can't find that camera!

Then, back home for a little while and off to my sister's marriage in Spain, close to Barcelona. Awesome weather, the beach and a small pretty wedding.

 The best chocolate covered almonds ever!

And back home. 
In the meanwhile, the business thing is in progress. Awaiting for a draft of the website, getting ready to order the labels, ordered lots of fabric and working on patterns. It should all be ready for September- October, in time for Christmas :) I still need to get more girl says that my studio is a" dezastru" - yeap, disaster area. Should I post a picture of that maybe...
Soon :)

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