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Paris in June/July

Happening in Paris 
A little late for some of the ads, but posting this nonetheless from Prete Moi Paris, since, if you are here, you might still get a chance to attend some of them. For the rest, well, the SALES are starting in a few days! 

Pink Paris by Prête-Moi Paris
While the city offers plenty to do throughout the year, Paris in the summer is particularly pleasant. And it’s not just the weather that’s heating up – there’s a variety of events from festivals to frivolities to look forward to as well. Here are some favorites to catch if you get the chance.

8 June-28 July – Jazz It Up

The saxophone by Javier Parra
The saxophone by Javier Parra
Address: Route de la Pyramides, 75012 Paris
What’s a summer without a bit of jazz? The Paris Jazz Festival, which kicked off 8 June is not to be missed and continues on through next month too. Taking place in the city’s Parc Floral, the concerts are free and easily accessible – making for the perfect pick-me-up if you ever hit a blue note this summer. For the full program and itinerary, have a look on the website:

10-21 June – Drive-In Us Crazy

If that’s not enough États-Unis in Paris, this next event will be sure to strike a chord with you as from the 10th-21st, Paris will be home to its very own drive-in cinema. Just like a scene from the movie Grease, Cinema Paradiso will be screening all your favourite classics at the Grand Palais for 12 days only. You can either watch them from the comfort of a vintage Fiat 500 or on a grassy hill depending on your group size.

21 June – Midsummer Night’s Scene

Fête de la Musique by Becky Uline
Fête de la Musique by Becky Uline
21 June marks the shortest night of the year and what better way to celebrate than avec some musique. La Fête de la Musique. This marks the 32nd edition of this nationwide event and there will be events and concerts all over the city, all day and late into the night. Some events go ALL night! Plus certain metro lines will remain open all night. (Also, speaking of music, the pianos have returned to Paris this Summer until July 8th pianos placed around the city are available for anyone to play).

26 June – Hit the High Street!

Paris shop by Ignacia Bernal
Paris shop by Ignacia Bernal
Finally, every fashionista knows the savviest times to bag a bargain in Paris is during Les Soldes (the summer sales). Kicking off from the 26th of June, it’s the best time of year to add to your wardrobe. However, to avoid further chaos and stick to your budget, it’s best to plan accordingly before you set off to the shops. Have a look at our tips toParisian Chic on a Budget and Shopping In and Around Paris.
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