samedi 22 juin 2013

Spring kids' events in the parc

Once the nice weather (theoretically) comes, the Mairie (city hall - in this case, the village hall) organizes a set of events in the parc. There are sometimes concerts, theatre plays and games for big and small alike. This year we have had a lot of rain around here (and still do). Even with the raindrops sprinkling down the little ones have really enjoyed a cute pantomime and music piece.

Then the school organizes their end of year 'kermesse' with games and food and poney rides. Everyone likes that one. And then there are birthdays we have starting attending since, we are bigger now, you know. The one below at one of the appartments in a nearby castle, sweet picture.

Often I think about the chance we have to live in a pretty area, in a house with garden and in a country where health insurance is really good. Although we have had mainly only rainy weather since October last year, and we, I mean I, feel isolated sometimes from my friends and family and roots and native places and memories that come every once in a while, I still thank God almost daily for taking care of me. I do however think sometimes about how my life would have been had I never left wondering the world. If a crystal ball existed, this is the only thing I would like to see.
Nonetheless, so many of us are so much better than so many others who don't even have a mother, or a roof, or food, or simply love.
Isn't life a riddle....

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