vendredi 20 avril 2012

Blog help...?

I have been going crazy here trying to figure out how to design my blog page. I must have tried all google blogger offered templates and personalizing options, but it's nothing like the amazing blogs you have out there! I keep wondering how can I make a cute header like that??? I am not a technology savy person, I don't even know how to use all functions of my phone, I know, I suck...

So how do you do it, can anyone help me...pretty please? All I want is to display some pictures in my header, create nice 'page boxes' to the right, you know the common easy blog stuff...

All input much much appreciated.

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  1. Hey girl!! Stopping to say hi from the #IRLOMashup! I am a new blogger too! You know check out
    She has GREAT blogging tips!!! I've learned a TON by just looked at what other blogs have that I like and then googling it. TONS of tutorials on google. If you have specific questions email me and I'll totally try to help you out with what LITTLE I know! :) I LOVE learning this stuff! Not exactly good at it yet but i'm loving the new creative journey!

  2. Oh, someone answered me!! I admit I didn't get much time to stop by and say hi myself to t he other ...mashups, but I promise I will. I will check out the site you gave me. Thank you! I like the comment Tina posted about you on their site, can't wait to check your blog too!

  3. Hey Nina,

    Maybe some French tasty food would fit with this gorgeous French countryside environment.
    I like the interior design of your house, I assume you did it....

    Good luck in your carrer!


    1. Um...French tasty food, that'll be a rather tough one...will try soon! :)


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