mardi 24 avril 2012

Forcing spring and flower farm

Every Sunday (or almost) I put on a dress, take my petite princesse and off to church we go.
It is a 30' ride which is our time to listen to classical music (until we get really sleepy or bored of it), and then we switch to dancing music, she waves her arms and says 'dans mamo, dans!' 
And have our mother daughter talk. Um...she's starting to speak you know.

She enjoys going because there are plenty of kids the nice lady nun takes under her wing at a certain moment during the service and they get to go into a small cottage, color, eat and drink kid stuff, listen to stories and whatever else all the kids do when they come together.

I, on the other hand, am usually alone waiting to eventually make friends, but since everyone mostly comes with their better half and the whole family, I am patient.  I say that because I really wanted to go the the Easter service which was held during the night on Easter's eve. It supossedly started at midnight and a lady told me they all bring food, get together in the church room there somewhere, crack the red eggs and eat and chat's an Easter tradition. There was no way I could have done that with my girl, and with my husband non plus. So I thought I need a girlfriend, one from those ladies who do come to church, but who can maybe come alone sometimes, like me...

On our way back we stopped at this beautiful 'flower farm', where I like to shop once in a while.
Got all my wedding vases here, including the tall ones below.

But this time I wanted to buy some ...don't know the name, these things in the white pots:
(Our back yard is in progress, we need to choose the stone for the patio but just couldn't wait, I planted my ...things!)

And look how amazing their store is!

located in  the suburb Forges Les Bains, 91470

If I don't come with specific ideas of what I need- which I often don't - I get lost in there and forget the time. "Luckily" la petite princesse doesn't last for long so I am bound to make fast decisions. Hard I tell you. Just look below and you'll agree.

They cary anything you can want, need, or discover that you want when you see it, plants for the garden, for the indoors, flower baskets, bouquets etc. etc.  

How about this hortensia hanging! that left me hanging...

Looking for birds

Look at all the orchids! and the cage compositions, how cool is that, wish I took a closer cage pic

The little hearts in Frech and English!

Got me one of these small orange things,
I like them so much but they have such limited life span under my care :(

contemplating a japanese tree, like here this first one,
 for a corner in the garden once it gets arranged a bit

and my favorite flowers lately, the hortensias.

So on the road, we came accross some really good looking horses 

and couldn't take enough visuals of the breathtaking yellow fields I was telling you about, they're everywhere and it sometimes feels like parts of the sun have burst in them
(even if it was rather cloudy)

For the first time we stopped at this outdoor activities site. We passed by so many times and now I thought I'll just see what this is about.
It looked so cool! You can actually slide down on ropes from one tree to another one, get to climb trees - my girl shouted at one moment- monky, monky! at the people in the trees, so funny.  
I can't wait for her to get bigger so we can get in there!


And what better way to get back home then ...just enjoying the sites on the way back home.

Have a great one, a bientot!

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