lundi 16 avril 2012

Blogging ...part 2, our house

So did not get time to get those castle pics yet because it got cold around here, windy and rainy and not fun to stay outside. In the meanwhile I have some personal pics of our house and garden. It is a continuous work in progress that at this stage seems like it's never going to end. And since we are contemplating to move, we don't even know if and how to end it!

We got this house in 2009, it was a bit of a rushed buy because we needed a house fast. From everything available on the market I fell for this one even if....well I tell you it frankly stunk. And that is literal. Dog poop was actually laying in the middle of one of the bedrooms. In fact at one moment we were even wondering if it was dog poop (that was my husband wondering). There was cheese on the countertop trying to beat the blue cheese in a contest to becoming the smelliest new cheese in France. The garden was a small jungle, but I admit I kind'of liked that aspect until we discovered an improvised recycling (and not only) deposit behind the plants. The hardwood floors in the dining room were covered in a dotted pattern made by random splashes of oil and grease. The truth be told the owners were not present very often and when they were, well the cleaning wasn't their thing.

Despite all I had a 'coup de coeur', I was immediately attracted by this house, I thought it had great potential. The top floor was all a huge painter's studio which I totally dug. It is not so big anymore because the isolation work has cut quite a bit in volume, but we split it in 2 and it is now MY studio and our bedroom. It feels great to have my room, after years of living alone I need this space with all my little nothings and as much as I try to get this space neat, there's always something that ends on my desks...
Here- framing work in progress.
This is supposed to be my creative corner and place for all the little nothings I aquired along the way.

This is our kitchen now,
 and this was before

and here is my vasselier, one my favorite pieces in this house (found it on Ebay), it hosts my collection of blue plates I brought with me from Chicago.

And you can figure out which room this is.
If you like the big angel pic, I made it :) while I was pregnant.

Outside the house, here are my 'green creations'. 
hortensia 'garden' ,

rose area - no roses yet but they are there trust me,

                                 my herb garden ( I know, I need practice) and ...the back door.
Waiting for everything to bloom, I know it's hard but just imagine. Ok, I will post more once it does.

I always liked the country aspect of living. I like to create small gardens, it brings pleasure to the eyes every time I see it green (just invented a verb) and blossom. So thankful to have a garden even if it's rather small and there's no place for veggies... (tried tomatoes in pots, just 2 -tomatoes- came to life).

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