mardi 17 avril 2012

The French and faith

I find faith is missing to the French. There is lack of a spiritual support for those (French too) who would need it, were they ever to search for it.

What I find sad is that it is sometimes difficult to find an open church on Sundays in the suburbs because of the lack of pastors and the fear of being robbed. Sometimes the same pastor needs to serve many churches and then the services are done by rotation. That is not even the point. The point is the French are not big believers, why have/keep a church open if no one will go. It is striking to me how someone from an under developed country can praise God even after a disaster hits them, and a French who has everything he needs, can say ironically - well, He was not there for you today, bummer.

The reasoning can be (got the real French input here, can't you tell) that the French are - generally - cultivated people, they are (self proclaimed) smart and schooled and educated and for such a person it is simply not conceivable that a story like the Bible can be true - Come on, you are a smart gal, how can you believe in such things. Whereas the poor people who don't have their minds/pockets open to education, believe, because they have no choice.

Hm, tough one. Well for starters, the Bible says Believe and do not question or research - too much - I'd add. Because I did tend to research and think from an outsider (philosophers, atheists, scientists)'s point of view, objectively. And you know what, you can get sucked in. But at the end of the debate, it's only those who have experienced a certain 'touch' of grace who can understand and resist in faith. I have my share. And there were times when nothing could have convinced me that what went on was anything other than God's presence. Objectively speaking. There was no logical, human, cultivated explanation. Some people invoke coincidence way too often and without even being convinced. It is just the only explanation at hand even if they know it's wabbly, it's easier that way. Because God doesn't force our hand. He wants us to come to Him. And I believe that unless you are ready to give Him a chance you will not be able to experience any kind of different feeling/thinking/grace.

So I wait. I wait for my husband who is not a believer because he really annoys me sometimes when we are on the subject. And I am convinced that if I were able myself to be closer to God and a real believer, a real real one, I could be so much more peacefull and satisfied....

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