jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Les Pastoreaux

Les Pastoreaux

The title may sound like whatever, but this a most magnificent place to get married. And coming from one who still consideres her marriage day ... not a cool thing, the least you can be sure is that this setting will make you, or your people, feel like they're part of something really special.
I didn't want a big marriage, I didn't even know what kind of marriage I wanted until I discovered this place. Everything was designed around it, even the number of people we would have!

I would pass by the iron entrance many times wondering what was hiding behind the stone walls surrounding part of this village area :
And then one day, looking online for places hosting marriages I discovered the amazing domaine of Les Pastoreaux  (here and the name clicked!!! I just had to have it. I saved on everything else, even on my dress just to have this place. Too bad I didn't know how to make the best of it...

 Passing by on small street you would see this entrance tucked away from the world
 Continuing down a gorgeous path crossing a parc
Arriving here, the front entrance.

 This is on the actual day we married (below), in the back of the mansion. Pics are not too clear because they were taken by a photographer so as not to be reproduced.


About the pretty village of Lardy in the next post.

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