mardi 25 septembre 2012

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I am subscribed to quite a few blogs. I receive, daily, about 10 emails from all the blogs I signed up for. As this blogging journey started with a search for interior decorating and design ideas for our home, the majority of the blogs are home design blogs. Then some are blogs I discovered on certain blogs as beeing blogs they- the specific bloggers- follow (a lot of "blog, blog, blog" use, I know): on life experiences with a religious twist, on cooking, on brocantes, on places.

Reading them for a while, some are writers I respect, others that have lost my interest and made me question my purpose in blogging as well. What do people like to read about? I realized I like to look at the pictures when they are not always or only personal; I read, rarely, some of the stories out there and most often I just scroll...

So me writing, it was going to be about France. France has quite a reputation, and when you first get here you are in a stage of wow, then you accomodate, then it turns into normal. Since there are a miriad of blogs about Paris and people in love with it, and since I am not a good referrence for Paris anyway, I was going to write about my part of France, this Valley of the Juine at 38km from Paris where we live. About the homes around here and the real estate market. But all that isn't kind'a boring without any personal detailing, or is it?

Then I looked at blogging as a mean of keeping record of Since my baby came, it is moving so fast, not really my life advancing into a direction or another, but her life which has become my life...growing, changing stages and ... more growing! It barely sunk in that I am a mother, now she is in pre-school already?! There are blogs which record daily, moments otherwise left to dissapear in time. And while daily is a bit much, preventing irreversible clips vanish seems compulsory especially since I can't seem to remember clis from 1 year ago!

There's the 'frustrating France', when we see all the differences with where we left from, not in a "wow, French!" kind'a light but rather "this French sucks" kind'a way. And then it all goes into standard which comes normally after the adaptation period. (I would attribute about 1 year to each stage...)

So now that we are here, what should we write about? I thought I would just mix it all up. What the heck, I change my time periods so the blog could as well. Once the house gets decorated we pass onto other things, once the baby is done being a baby we move on to another phase, once the 'in between jobs' feel gets tired, we have to get off our ass and change that too. Even if it requires quite an effort at times.

 And here's of my favorite pics. I'm gonna frame this one!

Have a good one :)

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