jeudi 6 septembre 2012

On procrastination and ...projects

Those two really go well together...   I start making lists of projects. Then lists of times when I would tackle those projects. Then of course the lists get lost and I start over.

A few days ago I realized a little more than 10 years have passed by since I was into starting projects. I realized every time I got a project up in theory there would be a barrier going up in practice. WHY on earth is that!? I have no problem working and working even several jobs at a time. But apparently I have a problem with keeping up with my own projects. It's like I would need someone to pump into my ears the "Just do it" Nike commercial. Why don't I just do it?... Anyone has any input on this...going through the same phazes... I can't be the only one, can I?

They say to get a friend who would be your motivator, an "accountability partner". Any volonteers?
Well, in the meanwhile I have a list that's going into practice. I have a planner!!! I am, really am, starting to get down to work on my own projects. I hope I will be able to present you my work in progress, along the way...really soon.

For the moment, here are some of the cool motivators.


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