mardi 25 septembre 2012


Ok, it's not in France, but it's still super cool as location! We went there for the weekend while my man had a work conference.

Once there you tend to compare with Barcelona and...well, it's not quite the same but much the same. The city looks older, even if there is definitely that party feel to it. It feels impregnated with history almost, even if I must say I do not know much of the history of Lisabon.

We got there the eve of the Lisbon fashion night and the streets were packed with people and merchants displaying their stuff on the sidewalks and boutiques, all open till midnight. We kind'a missed the stroll since we were driving around for a long time without hope of finding a parking place...that's why I say don't rent a car when you are visiting a foreign city!! just walk, take a cab, take the public transportation , I don't know, whatever. We spent so much time in traffic that by the time we stopped I was so nervous and frustrated that it almost spoiled my night.

We sat down a nice popular cafe called the Pharmacy - Pharmacia, where drinks on the menu were actually called Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and what not and the setting was like a real clinic...the outside terasse was really cool though, nice view overlooking the city.
I had an Oxy..something, in translation a cocktail made from Porto-the traditional wine which is not at all like the Porto made for US, it's much lighter and not so sweet-, fresh pear puree, cognac and brown sugar. It was amazing and the cute server gave me the recipe :)

Here is a link for the full description, although we were there at night and the feel was much cooler :)

Restaurante Pharmacia Lisbon (by KatyP)

The second night we ate at Cafe In, a reaaaally cool place very similar to Gibson's steak house in Chicago, except here they have all kinds of fish meat on the platter - in adition to steaks - and a real service!! I had the impression the guys were trained in America! It was amazing! I felt so pampered that I forgot it's rather normal to be served like that in a restaurant. Awesome food, if you are in Lisbon, you must eat there.
Here is a link and a pic, we sat by the window overlooking the Tage river and the Christo Rei statue of Jesus with the open arms over the bridge.
We actually sat at the corner table next to the capitoned wall! 

 Here is Lisabon and the imposing ocean 35 min away.

 The tramway coming down the street, look at the cool system

The Tage river is at the end of the square.

 By the ocean, such a cool beach, lots of surfers and a statue of 'surfing' (like in the statue of liberty) 

 And back to the city before heading to the airport with a promise that we'll be back Lisboa! Definitely need more time than a 2 day weekend.


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