mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Christmas at the chateau Vaux le Vicomte

AMAZING decor at the castle Vaux le Vicomte

I had my friend from Chicago with her man over for the holidays, and we were inspired to pay a visit to the chateau. I know my interior pictures don't do it justice, the lighting was dim inside and I don't have a pofessional camera, but trust me, it was spectacular. This is a castle that is told to have inspired the Versailles, although it is smaller in size. The interiors are so authentic and beautiful and and and.... Imagine walking through a real castle, the fireplaces lit, real wood fire in all rooms, just like it used to be, soft music playing and simply undescribable Christmas ambiance and decor.

We rented out costumes and walked around all dressed in ancient clothing trying so desperately to have good pictures. The one thing missing was a professional photographer on the spot.



In the middle, a peacock - below
Santa resting in the library.
The ceilings were impressive, a lot of relief and detailing throughout

 A projector was playing in the back, with animated scenes of ladies and getntlemen dancing on the music of the time. Captivating.

 And here the castle's gift shop. Pretty.
I have to also show you the carriages and the ancient stables.

A plus :)


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