mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Free Printable Gift tags

From the blog Oh the lovely things, below, pretty pretty tags. 
Need some cheap and pretty gift tags, here you go. Will print mine tomorrow. Got the pretty wrapping paper but the present looks a bit naked...wanted to buy some pretty bows and when I saw the price I decided to go around it and do tags. Today was the gift wrap up day. It went fast, decided to give just one gift to petite princesse, then have some smaller ones for the family. She is patiently waiting for a microphone... 
What do you want Santa to bring you?
A microphone.
That's it? What else?
One gift? nothing else?
No, One. A microphone (and she is showing me a finger as in number 1)
That was cool. I paused in grateful disbelief that she stopped at One.
Free printable gift tags roundup After the free printable gift wrapping paper roundup, it's time for a free printable gift tags roundup ! I found so many pretty ones (all free!) that I will be able to pick the perfect one for each person I'll give a gift to, depending on their own interests and aesthetics. My mom is definitely getting the lovely deer lady one by Creature Comforts and my niece the angel one by Haciendo El Indio. What about you? Do you plan on using any of these?

Please note: I only featured two tags from each set of free printable tags. If you like the look of any of these, be sure to check out the whole set (links below) for more designs, colors, and shapes in the same style.

ROW 1: Creature Comforts // Sweet Muffin Suite // Domestifluff
ROW 2: Emily McDowell for Poppytalk // Kelli Murray
ROW 3: Funkytime (part of 40 free Christmas printables) // Notion Creative
ROW 4: Eat Drink Chic // Haciendo El Indio
ROW 5: Love vs Design // Dotcoms for Moms
ROW 6: Lemon Squeezy
ROW 7: Hey Look // Please Note

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