jeudi 13 décembre 2012

Strasbourg- "Capitale de Noel"

We went to Strasbourg. The third attempt.
First one - 2 years ago, we planned on going  by car, it snowed, roads closed, no go.
Second one - last year, bought plane tickets, la petite princesse sick with chicken pox, no go.
This year, got train tickets, la petite again sick with laringitis, no go - the first day. Luckily felt better about it and managed to exchange tickets for the day after, so yes go! Finally.

And here it was, the great holiday season in France, made me almost change my mind about the French and Christmas. Amazing decorations everywhere, lights and pretty nice atmosphere although something was still missing. The music. Everything was quiet. People walking, glazing, shopping, quietly. One would think that after all that effort put into extensive decorating they could have installed some music equipment...nope. And French carols do exist in case you're wondering.
But, amazing nonetheless. And oh so cold. After a few hours could not feel my fingers and toes, and with the warm wine I was drinking (sold everywhere in the street markets) I started to bump into people. But hey, it's (almost) Christmas so it was all good!

Lots of pics for you.

I just so loved this picture.

 This chandelier is actually the street lighting decoration you see in the 2nd pic below.

 Almost all store windows displayed beautiful scenes.

 Inside the markets, apparently t here were 12 of them, a few bigger and the rest smaller. We did probably 5.

 You may know that in France Santa Clause is called Pere Noel, Father Christmas. But I doubt you ever came across La Mere Noel!!!

Getting to the end of our evening stroll, heading to eat at this superb cozy place called ChezYvonne, below. Highly recommend if you ever get to Strasbourg.

You must have spotted the undescribably amazing Cathedral. Next post about it.

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