lundi 9 juillet 2012

Deauville, Trouville and...other small ville in Normandy

Part II

Deauville is a beautiful town by water, the golf that separates England from France - the Atlantic ocean. Being so close that one can get to the other side by boat in a few hours, there are lots of English speaking visitors, people, habitants etc. I will show you the city but I must start with a painting studio we came across while strolling the streets of Deauville. I was completely blown away by this guy's work and I am pretty sure we will go back to have one of those portaits done for us.

This wonderful painter is called Bill Leyshon,
you will see his contact below in case you want a custom portrait done. I DO!!

I fell in love with this painting, the mother with 5 daughters just after waking up.
It's huge and I almost started convincing my man of buying it!! expensive, but negociable :)

So I am planning on a mother daughter portrait, but, I really want one with more people inside...
how cool with it be to have a best friend portrait with, like, all your girlfriends in it!
Love my girlfriends, wherever you are :)

Continuing our visit through Deauville,

Thr French stapler Louis de Funes :)

and Trouville, I liked it more:

More to come...

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