lundi 30 juillet 2012

Letter from God

I have to post this one message I have been thinking about lately. It was an email I received from my parents, who received it from a friend who received it from someone etc. You know those kinds of emails people just like to share with no particular purpose or message. Some are funny, or silly, some are just pretty, other inspirational or motivational. And I rarely share them.
This one must have come to the right moment, I felt I needed it. It is a translation from Romanian.
So here it is, a message written from God's point of view.

There are changes you need to make in your life, changes which need to occur in order for me to be able to keep my promisses of assuring your peace, joy and happiness. What I ask of you will not require much time.

1. Stop worrying.
Life taught you to worry. Did you forget I am  here to take over your burdens and carry them in your place? Or do you take pleasure in bringing yourself down over every little thing that comes your way?

2. Make a list.
Something needs to be done or taken care of - make a list. Not your list, but My list. Let Me be the one in charge of your problems. I can't help you until you turn to me. Even if my list gets long...I am still God.

3. Trust me.
Once you handed over your burdens don't try to take them back. Trust Me. Trust that I can take care of everything you need - your problems, your trials. Have issues with your kids? Put them on my list. Issues with money, emotional problems? Put them on my list. For my sake, put them on my list. I want to help you. All you need to do is ask. (how well do we know this one?)

4. Leave them alone.
Don't wake up one morning to say :" I feel much stronger now, I think I can take over." Why do you think you feel stronger now? It's simple: because you gave me your troubles, and I am taking care of them. Don't you know that if I were to give your your problems back you will return to where you left from?

5. Talk to me.
Do not forget to talk to me. Often. I love you. I want to be included in the happennings in your life. I want to hear you speak about your friends and family. The prayer is simply your conversation with me. I want to be your dearest friend.

6. Have faith.
From up here a lot of things can be seen which you can't see from where you are. I know what I am doing. Trust me for you wouldn't want to see with my eyes. I will continue to watch over you, take care of you and cover your needs. You just need to trust me. How hard can it be, just to have faith? (really, I can tell you it can be so much harder than it should...)

7. Share.
You were taught to share your things with others since you were 2 years old. When did you forget that? The rule still applies. Share with the ones less fortunate then you. Share your joy with those who need encouragement. Share your change, your leftovers with those who have not heard about me for a while. Share your tears with those who forgot to cry. Share your faith with those who do not have any.

8. Be patient.
I leaded the things so that, in one life alone you'd have various experiences. You grow from child to adult, you have kids of your own, you change many jobs, learn lots of things, travel places, meet thousands of people and experience so much. How can you be so impatient when it takes me longer than you expected to fulfill your list? Have faith in my timing because it's perfect.

9. Be kind.
Be kind with others because I love them as much as I love you. They might dress like you or talk like you, but I still love all of you. Understand that for my sake. I created each and every one of you so that you are different. It would be much too boring if you were all to be identical. Please understand I love every aspect that differentiates you.

10. Love yourself.
When I love you so much, how can you not love yourself? You were created by me for one purpose only - to love and be loved. I am the God of love. Love me. Love your neighbours. But also love yourself. Do not forget that.

There it is, another set of 10 "commandements".

When I said I needed this article it was point 9 that I needed. I was/am often thinking about how there are kids out there so unfortunate because they don't have everything our kids do. If you see the sights of Unicef or other organizations you, or I in fact, just want to cry. Children dying from dirty drinking water and malnutrition. I just bought 5 T-shirts for my daughter, and even if they were on sale for 10 euros all 5, I still feel bad thinking about the kids who have nothing. But does she really need a closet full of clothes? Of course not. So I was questioning this aspect of life from a religious point of view. And then apparently God loves all different aspects in one's makes it easier to cope with.

If you can, think about sponsoring a child.
It is almost entirely tax deductible anywhere in the world.

There is Worldvision in States, 
Visiondumonde in France, or Compassion International
 in States and in England, both Christian organizations.

Worldvision I experienced myself while still in Chicago. You get regular pictures and letters from the child you sponsor, it is so uplifting to know you can help, a child!
About Compassion I learnt through the blog of the amazing Ann Voskamp

A Holy Experience
A different kind of blog worth reading.

I am into psichology books for children before the age of 6 at the moment and I can not tell you how shocked I am to discover the tremendous impact attention, affection, or just the mother's presence can have on the entire life of a child and later adult! Highly recommend to anyone having kids, or planning to have, to read about them. There are things I wish I knew, before.

I was lucky enough to have been able to dedicate a lot of time to my girl from the moment she was born, but what I wish I knew was about the life starting at 3 months as a fetus, and the whole labour and giving birth process. The first contact with the mother once outside...Mine was not the best, I had a painful 8 hr labour and when she finally came out and the sage femme put her on my chest I could not take her and hold her, I told her to take her away. I regret that. All up to our first night together I questioned my being able to assume my new role as a mother. Until a few hours later when I knew I was attached to her for life.

My favorite book is Laissez les faire des betises, meaning Let them do stupid things, by Helene De Leersnyder. Get it if you can.

And have a great one!

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