dimanche 8 juillet 2012

Hello Normandy!

For Christmas, we received a "coffret cadeau", meaning something like a gift certificate, a booklet with all kinds of castles and mansions and domaines all throughout France one can choose to spend a night at, breakfast included. Kind'a like a B&B only at a castle. Because there are a lot of those in France.
So we choose Le Domaine des Marroniers because it was not too far from Paris (2.5 hours) and because I read in a magazine about how pretty Deauville is, a town nearby. The domaine was in the village of Cambremer.

Part I - Cambremer
So after turning around for almost an hour (the GPS did not like the area) we finally came back to where we actually started from, the St Mary intersection. We should have turned right here like she points, but it is easy to get misslead in the dark... and we got here:

The next morning I HAD to have a pic of St Mary so we went back to take pics. She is so beautiful.
And the pretty sights on our way to some gardens (keep tuned).
In case you're wondering, that one on the ground is a mule, sooo cute.

And here we are at 'one of the most wonderful gardens of France',
as we were told, and it was marked as well...

Jardins du Pays d'Auge

(They are known here for making the apple cider, and it is really a good one).

 And we are in.

Deauville and other coming next :)

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