samedi 14 juillet 2012

Normandy Part III

So on our way back we stopped into a few villages, one of which - Beauvron - we were told was "one of the most beautiful villages in France". While it was cute, I would not label it as such. My most favorite to this day (although I have a lot of France yet to see) is Barbizon, which I will post about next. I intend to take my parents for a visit there next week.

We started with Touques.

The night before we had eaten at a small restaurant where there was a business card on the table, of an artist which does very unique sketches on life, a metaforic, caricatural view on chapters in life we all go through. I have a book with similar stuff I found in an old book shop in Chicago and I thought it might be the same artist, since I couldn't remember his name. His studio was in this little village and I was excited to come out with a few of his artworks. To my grand dissapointment, it was closed.

The village was very interesting though, it looked like noone lived there - like the greenery was invading the homes and their windows and yet it was filled with artists' studios and quite upkept.

And here we are in Beauvron, the French village with a high name.

They have the best confiture de lait ever! This is actually a caramel topping,  and the guy told me the recipe is very simple:
-they would boil the milk until it reduces ...a lot, along with 24% sugar and 2% salted butter.
On crepes, with homemade whipped cream, I tell you it's amazing. 
They also sell homemade cheese, a special kind made here that stinks a lot, foie gras, cider, wine, etc - all home made in there.

Here is their shop:

 Yes, this is the cemetery and the church, a very warm feeling actually, not the creepy kind you get around cemeteries sometimes.

And the prettiest little town in the city, with mostly wodden toys.

Have a great week :)

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