mardi 24 juillet 2012

Fontainbleau & Barbizon

As I told you last week, I took my parents to Barbizon, and Fontainbleau. I actually wanted to have them visit Le Chateau de Courrances, but since it is a private domain they only take visitors on weekends. So I remembered my man took me to Fontainbleau once, there where I ate my first crepe with chestnut puree and whipped cream. I didn't even know something like that existed!
Since, chestnut puree is a must whenever I make crepes at home. And I do make pretty good crepes. I have been told so too:) A friend of mine in Chicago taught me the crepe recipe, simplest ever:

-for every egg add 4 spoons of flour, and milk until it gets fluid enough for the crepe to cover the bottom of the pan with the minimum quantity, meaning you want to get them as thin as possible. A pinch of salt and sugar and a good pan, and you're good to go. I use about an egg per person, meaning about 3 (large) crepes per person. We love them with nutella and raspberries/strawberries/bananas, with caramel sauce and with chestnut puree and lots of whipped cream!

So we started with Fontainbleau, a beautiful city about 60km from Paris and with one of the most wonderful maneges I ever saw. Meaning this:

And here is Chateau de Fontainbleau,
a huge domaine with huge parcs (gardens). A pretty site indeed.

Diana's garden

The English garden:
The French garden:

If you get too tired of walking, like this doggy...get a carriage.

And Barbizon, a painters' village, my favorite so far.
Mozaic paintings like this one behind are practically on every corner, on the walls.

A little boutique in a courtyard,

A visit at the Aerodrome of Cerny next.

Have a great one :)

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