jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Best Pumpkin Soup recipe

I used to make pumpkin soup based on recipes found on the internet or in cooking books. Not...perfect.
Well this time, after reading about 20 new recipes I decided to make my own! And it was awesome, awesome and so simple.
So today I am making it again.

-about a half medium sized pumpkin
-2 potatoes
-1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic
-fresh basil leaves
-salt and pepper
-vegetable broth

         After 'browning' a bit the onion with the gralic in a little olive oil, add the pumpkin and potato chunks, coarse salt and pepper and simmer for a few minutes stirring regularly.
        Add vegetable broth to almost cover the chuncks and let boil until tender.
        Once off the fire, blend the whole thing with some fresh basil leaves.
        Serve with creme fraiche/sour cream and croutons or very well toasted bits of dark/grain bread.


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