lundi 8 octobre 2012


Don't you feel special when you're wearing a garment you just love and doesn't your spirit get brighter when entering your home your eyes fall on a favorite deco piece?

I love Anthropologie, the store.
While in Chicago I would visit it to relax, only find myself smiling and getting completely lost in another world. Their fabric shower curtains were so cute.  The clothing happy, simple, different. Even if I wasn't always buying something, I would go there to feast my eyes and soul. You have to experience the store to appreciate the items, it's the whole ambiance around them that gives value and makes them the unique pieces they sell for. I would flip through the books, touch the fabrics, imagine the home where a colorful rug would perfectly fit in. (And I bought a batch of blue and white doorknobs for my imaginary kitchen cabinets because I just couldn't resist. Weirdo.)

This is an Anthropologie knob.

And this is an Anthropologie carpet.

I have been envisioning a similar concept. Except with an online location (hopefully to start with, and who knows, dream big, right :) I want every item in my cart to be able to tell a story, to create a connection with the senses, whether it is a wearable piece or a decorating piece.  I want every time such an item is aquired to give the satisfaction it was well worth the money.

On the other side, in spite of all the wonderful things we can afford today, there are some who don't have the luxury of even bare necessities. So starting a project it's also about doing something. I've been contemplating this 'doing something' concept years back, and I never knew how that could translate into practice. Now the plan is to set aside a portion of each sale of each item for a cause. And the cause is: children. Ever since I became a mom I developed a high sensibility for kids, and when my little one was very little I would realize how exposed these tiny beings are to the grown up world and include here all you might. There are a lot of poor kids out there, and not only materially poor. Did you know a baby develops the greater part of the emotional system in his first year, even starting in the womb?

Back to the first steps.
I have been pinning on Pinterest lately looking for ideas and moods, and I wanna share with you some of the pics which serve as inspiration, to show you my tastes and to give you an idea of what my pieces need to feel like.

You'll see I'm quite hopeful and optimistic in this direction, in fact I am slowly getting my confidence back after a very long time. Seemed I almost gave up. There was a time when I was looking for accountability partners, for my friends to support me mentally, my now husband, my before boyfriends and I had quite a few falls. I can't say my best friends don't believe in me, ok, maybe they are tired of waiting, but I can't explain it to myself why on earth I let the men take me down with their macho ideas- 'what are you gonna do with that, it's not worth it, it's not gonna work, just don't get overly hopeful, there are a lot of designers already out there, you won't be able to survive on this ' and yes, I can go on.
I am soon to be 37. I feel I wasted a lot of time. I feel I need to do this and if it'll just not work then so be it. But right now I have big plans for 2013.

I will do a series of posts, each on a category I intend to target. Sorry I am not mentioning the sources other then to say it's Pinterest, just because I did not save all the names, but if it's your pic please tell me and I gladly will (here most of the pieces are from grand designers- Lanvin, Valentino, Michael Kors etc)

Here goes my sleeping beauty waking up,


Classic, simple, yet stunning

 Lacey, some laces are just pieces of art in themselves
Everyday comfort and distinction
 Appliques, embroideries, deco. I love doing this kind of hand work.

 Details, details, details. Very important :)
 Playing with fabric design
 Cut out the black part and wear with jeans.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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