jeudi 4 octobre 2012

My pies

We are having work done in our home. Wall paper, paint etc. The guy helping us out is really nice and he had the 'opportunity' to taste my pies, twice. Once - since I was just taking one out of the oven, and once because the poor guy did not find anything around here open for lunch so in addition to making him a sandwich I offered a piece of pie. "Your cakes are good" he said today. I wanted to say that's not real cake, they are just pies, easy to make as in 'it's a piece of pie', but I aknowledged. 

Here are the simplest recipes for some French pies (since I made 3 pies, or tartes, this week).

Apricot and/or peach pie. I bought apricots and peaches and they were really tastless. So I thought I'd make them into a pie.

I had the great idea of mixing up the two fruits, since I had them, and it was really better than using just one kind. But one would do it just as well.

-Get a flaky crust pie already made, from the grocery store. The pate feuillete.
-Layer a spoon of apricot or peach jam on the bottom of the tart, just enough to have a very very thin spread.
-Cut the fruits into slices, layer them around,
-Sprinkle with some (brown) sugar and bake.
Voila. All done.

Pear pie. We have a pear tree in the garden. So small but filled to the extreme with pears.

Same as in the pie #1 except
-Layer a spoon of (sweetened) chestnut puree instead of the jam and sprinkle with almond or hazelnut powder instead of sugar. No extra sugar needed.
-And very important, serve this one with whipped cream.
Yum, my man's favorite.

Lemon merengue pie.

A slightly bit more difficult, but worth it if you like lemony desserts.

-Get a pack of regular crakers, count about 18 and crush them.
-Add about 80grams of butter (I melt a bit in the microwave and mix it up.)
Layer this at the bottom of the pan, even if it's not easy to layer. Bake until it's crunchy, ab 15min.
-Get 3 egg-yolks and a can of condensed milk and the juice from 2 medium lemons. Mix all this up. Pour on top of the crust and top with
-The eggwhites you've beaten into a foam and mixed about 2 spoons of sugar into.
Bake until it's golden.
One of my favorites.


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