mardi 16 octobre 2012

Projects (II) - home

Following my Projects post, here is my inspiration for the second part of the... 'big project' let's call it. I am a bit overwhelmed thinking about all the steps I need to take into consideration. Need a project name, logo, website, process...and of course, pieces! Most of which I will be making myself.

Categories are to be finalized soon, but will most likely be : ready to wear (clothing) - see post Projects I,- home (items mostly fabric related), vintage ('treasure hunts', since in France flea and antique markets, or brocantes, are a must and such a pleasure) and perhaps a paper category later on since I love nice paper so much (cards and notes).

Today, for the home. Again, images via Pinterest and other blogs. I saved the images on the Ipod and that did not save the source, so please forgive me if I do not mention you, but I gladly will if you tell me. I simply cannot remember where all the pics come from.
 Look at the lovely pillows below,
pic from A Little Luxe,
 an amazing interior design blog by the way, I just discovered via Pinterest

More colorful, statement pillows

 Monogrammed pillows. Classic and nice. 
Following 3 coming from pinterest via The Old Painted Cottage,
Ever considered dressing barstools? Not bad.
Embroidered/monogrammed sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths etc.
 Table covers, table runners, table placemats

End table fabric covers, could add a great accent to a room or bedroom
Curtains. Awesome fabric curtains.
 Fabric shower curtains - for kids' baths also!
 Wall hangings - plants and plant sketches

 Painted fabric wall panels
And probably more for your unique amazing beautiful home!


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